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Zachary + Latasha | Red Boiling Springs, TN

This session was an absolute dream to shoot. Just picture it... gorgeous sunlight, pretty blooms, an abandoned house, an old truck, a field of yellow flowers, and the sweetest couple. Well, you should just check it out for yourself. ;)

These two made my job so easy. I drove home after this session with a big smile on my face. These days are my favorite and make me so excited about being a photographer.

Congratulations you two!

Alexis + Harper | Celina, TN

This session is one of my dreamiest to date. We didn't even know where we were going to shoot our portrait session up until the moment we found it. It's not like me to not have a "game plan," but I just wasn't familiar with this area and wasn't sure where to go! Jacob wasn't working that evening and offered to drive through Brimstone, so that I could focus on scouting a location while Alexis followed behind. I stared out the windows, looking for anything, praying for something.

Just as I was nearing a sliiiiiight panic, BAM! An adorable little shed appeared around a curve down that old gravel road. I yelled, "STOP! Stop the truck!" There was potential there...

Heaven opened up and there I found the most gorgeous light beaming through the trees - golden light! And wildflowers. And old dirt paths. And leaves that coincidentally matched their sweet outfits. AND RELIEF! I found it all... Here in this perfect spot. :)

And I may or may not even know who owns it...

Meet Alexis and her gorgeous little girl -- who I know you are going to fall in love with!

The Chambers Family | Lafayette, TN

This is the perfect example of how sessions don't go as planned; however, it's also the perfect example of what family is all about. No session is perfect. There's no way I could keep count of all the sessions I've had that haven't went according to plan, how many locations have fallen through, how many ideas have gotten scrapped, how many mistakes I've made or visions that just didn't quite turn out like it did in my head... So, this session was no different.

April and I had planned a nice, long evening of family portraits by the creek. Ideally, we wanted to have pictures of the boys, individuals, couples, and whole family shots - all posed and unposed with lots of smiling, happy faces.

But to be real... that didn't happen that day because will just be kids. And you know what? IT'S OKAY. We didn't get the shots we wanted. We didn't have smiling faces the entire time. We didn't have the perfect session we hoped for... But what we did get was still pretty special. I was able to capture moments -- little boys just being little boys. I was able to capture brothers playing, fighting, crying, loving...

I wish I hadn't spent so much time in the beginning bribing and trying to get those picture perfect images together and just followed them around for the entire two hours. Instead, I crammed a bunch of candid photos in the last 30 minutes and come out with this:

Mostly just real life play time. But isn't that what you're going to remember most someday? :)

Ellie | Celina, TN

I had so much fun shooting this beautiful, remarkable young senior. I could tell from the moment I met her that she is special and unique. She has the best sense of humor and her natural beauty flows from the inside out. Unfortunately, our session was cut short due to a heavy downpour but not before we grabbed a few shots of Ellie embracing the storm.

Good luck to you Ellie on all your future endeavors. I know you will leave your mark on the world.

Bailey | Red Boiling Springs, TN

Meet a very kind, talented, handsome young man from my hometown -- who also happens to be a neighbor to me. This was my first session back after a long hiatus from photography, but he and his sweet mom and sister made my transition back into the game very easy and enjoyable!

Best of wishes to you Bailey on your upcoming gradation and senior baseball season. Enjoy and savor these last few months! :)

Kara + Corey | Carthage, TN

This session took place last fall with my friend Kara and her now husband, Corey! It's amazing how you can take one little section of the woods and make it beautiful...Then again, it's probably because I had such pretty models! ;) That is my favorite thing about being a photographer though. Aside from capturing raw moments between people who love each other or documenting a moment in time, I love making something beautiful out of nothing.

I love when I look at a client and say, "Oh, go sit on that old log!" or "Hey, look at this line of trees." Most of the time, the clients don't see it. But, when that image pops up on my camera and make my picture-lovin' heart do a back flip, then I know I'm doing something right...

Kayla + Josh | Hartsville, TN

This session took place a little over a year ago! It was never posted because at the time, I wasn't promoting my business, and this session was top secret because Kayla and Josh were using these photos to announce their pregnancy! Kayla is one of my very best friends, and I love her and her sweet family so much! Enjoy these beauties! ;)